Welcome to CIVISOL here we don’t work to assist or alleviate problems, we create ideas and forces of systemic change to end them.

We work on knowledge-building, innovative strategies and social teaming to reignite civism and solidarity at the local level of national civil societies and for their international action and exchange in order to strengthen people’s change-making capacity in their community in order to deconstruct poverty traps and dismount discrimination barriers found within the legal and cultural systems that govern them.   By doing so we seek to empower the human and citizen end pole of the social contract people have with their state, so that law abiding individuals law may also claim their right to live and develop under the security and protection of the rule of law and not only survive from episodic and asystemic private generosity, occasional public assistance or foreign help only or have to resort to illicit behavior, including violence and corruption.   We believe that the law its public servants response and its public service delivery should be open and fair, so that legal certainty, juridical protection, may cover and shield all humans from oppression and cruelty instead of ending up shrunk and reduced to serve only as the shelter of a powerful few to the massive detriment of the rest of individuals.   Despite the steep effort that is required to operate systemic change in the rules of the game of society in order to detect and tackle traps, failures and barriers causing poverty and exclusion, we remain committed to do so because we know that it is only through long hauled, non-cosmetic change that a structural permanent betterment of culture and institutions can contribute to our ultimate goal of making democracy deliberative, justice effective, and the market truly inclusive, free.