CIVISOL is an alter-intentioned organization®, as such this entity doesn’t operate to support its founders and managers nor to create and return profit directly to them or to their identitary spheres[1]. Instead, CIVISOL was originally sought and structured by its founders to implicate with the others and what is other to them. Within their alterity dimension founders chose to affirm groups of people trapped in poverty, fallen in protection gaps or oppressed by discrimination and the idea of civil society as an important avenue of solution to redress structural inequity and strengthening republican forms of government from the people-up. Conceived, chartered and publicly registered in 2008 in Colombia, the legal personality bestowed on it structures and orients the entity to act and endeavor as a private/civil alterital® organization to its purpose of multilayered poverty reduction and civil society strengthening. In line with its positive identity and nature of alterity, formerly and precariously said to be non-governmental not-for-profit, the socioeconomic results and effects of the organization may be legitimately expected to self-sustain its own operation in view of better consolidating and farther propagating its effects in society with an alter-intent. All lawful activities in so far as they remain alter-intentioned® may be pursued to attain its purpose of systemically redressing injustice while bettering by civil society empowerment the legal and cultural rules guiding the community.

Overall CIVISOL’s mission is to make the law more just and the individual citizens and their civil society entities more aware of and empowered in the process of definition and drafting of law, policy, regulation and its implementation and contractual operation so as to better its quality and positive impact in the community for the overall sake of the common good but specially for redressing the oppressing or exclusionary circumstances in which some people and citizens are found.

CIVISOL is expected to become a powerful platform to support initiatives of systemic change from civil society to better the rules of the game from the people-up and host a solid transnational interdisciplinary cross generational institute of research on the mechanics of civic and solidaric empowerment and change capacity and develop knowledge on civil strategies of legal defense and reform and guides, tools, skills and apps for change making. CIVISOL is envisioned not as an umbrella organization but more of a mothership, an organization to incubate or harbor while growing private/civil initiatives aimed to entrepreneur change and reform a place to constantly come back to resource and exchange among peer activists, practioners, scholars, thinkers and researchers .

[1] Ruiz Restrepo theory of alterity as intention