As an Institute on Systemic Change

Public policy drafting, making and implementing is new as it only became necessary after the age of empires and monarchies, of the individual will of a sovereign was left behind, and the public was made sovereign and republican forms of government started to emerge around the world democracy quantitatively expanded to include each individual´s preference or vote for electing political brochures or programs of ideas and the aspiring representatives willing to enact them once elected.

Poverty is also a new topic, for centuries the relief and assistance provided to people living in poverty was not a concern of the State which was chiefly centered in matters of tax, budget, and border security war and creeds and beliefs control. With the opening of the political decision making process to all the inhabitants of a given territory, charitable response to scarcity and sickness became less important than making the rules of the game more wise and fair so as to prevent scarcity and illness to surge in all or in parts, sectors or groups of the population.

Aside from European history indigenous ways of government also had ways of rendering service and more over creating opportunities for prosperity and health to the needed, however only recently did human and social development and along it poverty alleviation and moreover poverty reduction entered the political center stage and with the key role of bottom-up democracy or participatory governance in public decision making in a city and country.

For this reason CIVISOL is also an institute were lessons learnt, challenges encountered, mutations detected and registered transformations are gathered and organized for the purpose of education, continuous research on grassroots empowerment, civic and solidaric engagement and public systems change. As an institute CIVISOL partners with public agencies and scholar institutions interested in advancing its findings or deepening reform. It is also a hub to create knowledge needed to advance the initiatives and projects of systemic change and innovate and experiment on solutions and applications to secure access to opportunities and boosting relevance and/o growth.