CIVISOL as a philanthropic expression of its original founder and adhering founders is structured as Foundation running on their altruism and that of its members who volunteer their time, work or resources. Although tied to the founders will and purpose expressed in the charter of incorporation of the foundation and its bylaws, decisions are made collectively by the board of founders and managing staff. Unlike associational structures where its assembly may reach a decision of reforming statutes and changing the focus or mode of the organization if majority is reached CIVISOL is built and structured as a foundation which may not amend or accommodate its purpose and mission according to ever changing cooperation agendas, political scene, and trends. That is the only reason why Civisol is stabilized around the funders will and purpose and open to all other who coincide and want to better it, enrich it , complement it, strengthen it, update it, derive from it, deepen or expand but not end it or amend it.




The organization runs as a collective force, a hub of contributions that simultaneously or sequentially brings in the time and expertise of people of different ages, nationalities, occupations and skills and merges them as one line of action of the organization or of the systemic change projects or initiatives CIVISOL creates and harbors.

The way the organization is assembled is meant to deliberately express the power of community organizing even if only by occasional or episodic engagement and express the importance of the human virtues of civism and of solidarity in maintaining a republic that is effectively owned by the public and a democracy that is fueled by citizens needs and aspirations without disregarding the importance of maintaining a global exchange and an investing climate or safe environment for corporate investment national and foreign.

The organization is chiefly a hub of civic and solidaric engagement for field action and research. It runs entirely on people’s time and ideas rather than their money. We want the people involved and affected by CIVISOL’s action to be more aware of their civic power as stakeholders of their local, national or global community and their solidaric power as members of the same humankind.