EMPOHUMCI is a CIVISOL project for systemic change. The situation in the field that we believe needs a permanent and thorough change is the massive disempowerment of people as subjects of rights and opportunities and the increasing treatment of individual human beings as subjects of duties and obligations only.

The systemic erosion of the flow of human communication and exchange, which is what happens to bind the individual constituents of the State with their State, results from the increasingly distant, intermediated, ineffective, segmented, impersonal, commercial and automated communication exchanges between the authorities running the institutions that govern the citizens and overall societal dynamics in a country. Whether this communication is taken care of directly by the institutional system of communication or outsourced through a private provider acting under a privatization transaction, the increasing disconnection of human authorities from the individuals they are meant to represent and serve in view of their common good is a democratic schism.

Without a true, real, and effective human communication flow , the social contract between citizens and the State they constitute, as represented by the government in turn, undermines their trust in institutions, and moreover, disengages citizens from the need of securing a good rule of law for their very own lives and the territory that supports their livelihood and development horizon. The law as a human centered discipline of thought and universal way of societal organization and individual protection ceases to exist in its rue meaning, if the communication of facts and expectations within members of the collectivity is made impossible. The law is what supports the civilized mode of coexistence for all in place and structures the conditions for the interdependent survival of humans.

Human civil disempowerment by mediated, automated, or sheerly irresponsible or negligent systems of response to the people, additionally creates nesting conditions for public-private corruption and the systemic exploitation of the less advantaged sectors of the population for whom the rule of law is their only protection shield.

The rise of technology in communications and the force of globalization are bringing the people of the world closer together for exchanging ideas, finding new opportunities, expanding businesses, and innovating at every level of life. However, the numeric oversimplification and technical basification of human connections can end up disengaging the deliverer of communication from any exchange that is not transactional, and cutting access to the receiver of information from any expression of communication that is not transactional. This behavior may be reasonable for massive sales and other commercial transactions, which revolve around the offer and demand of goods and merchandise delivery, but it is extremely dangerous when the core of the exchange between the sender and the receiver is not a commercial good, but the materialization of a human right, i.e. A human security and human development opportunity.