In order to keep the rule of law bi-directional, which means it is effective in both its top-down need to set obligations for societal organization, and responsive to the bottom-up claims of securing an individual life with stable and secure rights or opportunities to earn a decent living and grow in a personal development horizon during a lifetime, the law has to be understood, appropriated, and bettered by its direct stakeholders, the individuals living in that territory and the citizens of such State. A improvement path that can be pursued personally by the individual claimholder, and also by the collective actions of civil and solidarity-driven organizations of the people with regard to the duty bearer.

The rights-based legal empowerment of the people, particularly those that are trapped in the poor sectors of society, is key for democratic betterment and true development. These include participatory governance, the protection and defense of human and civil society organizations, and active citizen oversight of the authorities elected, appointed, or hired to run the institutions and decision making processes. More importantly, it is imperative to keep open, active, plural, mixed and diverse the opportunities for citizens to assemble, meet, exchange, and cohere, or to unite in the difference between individual civil society members and the organizations they create to express and act empowered in the civicness and solidarity virtues of the nation they are part of or live within.

For this purpose, the horizon for making systemic change under the EMPOHUMCI project consists in creating a bundle of strategies and tactics capable of provoking or supporting the legal empowerment of the people under a human and civil logic, while educating on the importance of strengthened as an active and democratically enlightened civil society

CIVISOL Agora is the name given to the spaces created to spark democratic conversations among people of a community and other complementary forms of cultural and artistic expression.

The CIVISOL Universities is the semi-structured space of exchange, which operating in an itinerant form, goes to different communities and places to educate on the basic navigation skills necessary to interact and empower within democracy and the complex network of governmental initiations of the State .

The CIVISOL Monitor is the legal empowerment and impoverishment site for gathering relevant news and opinions on civism and solidarity in democracy, and its space under the rule of law.

Finally, CIVISOL’s Legal Clinic takes on strategic cases requiring human rights defense for the empowerment of the people through civil society organizations, incorporated as not-for-profit entities or as snon-governmental organizations and, their protection from acts of private-public corruption, which are advanced or imposed on them.