Impact in Mindset and Attitude

These are some examples of mindset changes that we have observed in the past years, which make us proud of CIVISOL as a transformational leader:

  • We have translated livelihood frustrations into arguments for reform, and organized field knowledge to create new words to describe old injustices and realities needing attention and betterment. We have shifted the way of claiming change from violent and segregationist language to legally empowered and assertive language for claiming rights.
  • We have raised consciousness about the need for change in public opinion and popular culture. Waste pickers have been invisibilized for almost a century, even after the emergence of international solidarity NGOs and social movements. Our legal and cultural campaigns helped shine light on Waste picker’s social, economic, and environmental contributions with a concrete theory of change pivoting on structural reform, realizing economic human rights and legal empowerment of the poor sectors the preexistent social movement of waste pickers was strengthened. Widely acknowledged as the world’s first waste picker movement, Colombian waste picker’s model for organizing and political inclusion has been emulated internationally, and has contributed to the recognition of the links between the blue (labor) and the green (environmental) agendas.
  • By fighting unfairness, impoverishment and the sophisticated corruption that is made by subverting the rules and rulings protecting the rights of the poor and collective goods, CIVISOL has increasingly attracted attention to the importance of making the law work for all.
  • We have amplified the voices of grass root leaders and their allies.
  • We have helped design organizations for self-help, self-management, self-government in the solidarity economy.