Research on Empowerment and Change

As a center of knowledge, CIVISOL is interested in the emergence, maintenance, promotion and preservation of the emotions of individual human beings towards their immediate or mediate community and context or the generalized humankind and its surrounding environment.

In consequence CIVISOL creates, gathers and collects information around people’s acts of initiative and of organization with and for their city, and with and for a community, i.e. the action activities and enterprising that happen to emerge from “an emotion of collectivity” of civicness and solidarity. CIVISOL also acts and reacts, through knowledge building, organizational design and legal defense to safeguard the legitimate space that is needed for expressing such human civicness and solidarity from the occasional or systemic attempts to impede, reduce, abuse or absorb its energy and value for the sake of an individual project of a person, be it a political or economic ambition, a legal or natural person and advancing solely or with or thorough a plurality.

The CIVISOL Institute is conceived for, and driven by interdisciplinary field research with a focus in the grassroots level of society and, when and where possible, an emphasis on the global south and the new human ways of bonding and acting via technological supports of reach and expression.


CIVISOL’s current lines of research, discussion and reflection are:

– Organizing when in Poverty: the law and economics of survival and empowering for development

– To exploit or not to exploit: the line of decency, legality and slavery

– Acting for Publicity or Acting for the Public

The research effort of the CIVISOL Institute is strengthened by strategic alliances with universities, think tanks and any other organization interested in observing and understanding the citizen end-pole of the social contract and its compass of action in democracy, justice and development.

CIVISOL has allied with the Contraloría Municipal de Cali, the Universidad de los Andes (MDP) for information gathering and knowledge building and with ICSEM Europe to support their Global Research Project on Social Enterprise with local knowledge gathering in Colombia and learn from Social Enterprise models from other countries.

CIVISOL is also the permanent field-research partner or the intelligence and knowledge management division of the firm RRA (Public Law + Social Innovation). RRA expects to learn from CIVISOL’s field and community work and CIVISOL relies on RRA’s legal and policy knowledge to better its initiatives of institutional reform or systemic change. They both share their general reference library and jointly collaborate to create knowledge as a single think-tank or research and development institute.