Principles & Values

  • The law of the country should be bettered and its quality checked, from the bottom-up and the inside-out of the national community -the civil society of the land- so as to ensure that the reality of local human lives and livelihoods, their actions and enterprises, individual or collective developing through local shared resources and a common environment is correctly represented by the political society responsible of public decision making in the country. Only by an active engagement in the juridical crafting and political shaping, production and implementation of the rules that govern all in the societal field of human life, may the idea of law as the general will of the people be true and the pursuit of the general interest of society at large be real, current and effective.


  • Individual constituents of the State and the private/civil organizations they form may, when democratically aware and juridically empowered, disseminate, in word and deed the “revolutionary” idea that, because we are all equal in our humanity, we all have a Natural, God-given or human right to have rights. Everyone…humans with little or no money in a bank account with more or less pigmentation in their skin, lower testosterone in their bodies, more or less years in their life cycle, individuals who pray in another temple or do not pray at all, fellow humans with unfamiliar ideas, awkward traditions and foreign languages.Everyone has a right to have rights.


  • The “right to have rights” as opposed to the asystemic, aleatory chance to survive form occasional public assistance, private generosity or targeted programs of social responsibility is embedded in the law and that it is the law what keeps humanity civil, and civilization possible. We believe that civil society is the main custodian of a fair and just rule of law just as the law creates the contention barriers necessary to preserve the neutral, safe and secure space for civil society´s existence and action.


  • We believe that human civilization rests on the idea of human action as “two-way street” behavior. That opportunity entails responsibility and that all individuals are subject to act under the individual “combo” of rights with obligations. This sense of balance within human action is what allows for equilibrium in human relations and provides a minimum of stability in societal organization, steadiness and predictability in the coexistence of all. Enjoying a minimum of legal security or juridical certainty is the basis of legitimate expectations in development, fairness in justice and peaceful rapports within society at large.


  • We believe that democracy should be more that representative and participative, it should be deliberative, that the effort of seeking justice in front of the judges when successful should not only adjudicate rights but monitor that the conditions foreseen for realizing them are maintained real and effective. We believe human intelligence is the only source of development and that the forum of ideas and market of transactions should be kept open to all and everyone, not only to powerholders and financial investors, we believe ideas create development and that money catalyzes it; we work on the first.


  • We believe that as colors and fruits are plural and diverse so are individual’s convictions and behaviors in humankind, we respect whatever color or flavor you choose to live by and to exert your sacred right to change of preference or orientation.


  • At CIVISOL we dream of a society of rights that is maintained by individuals and communities empowered in their rights, a vibrant civil society of empathic and constructive constituents of the State capable of adjusting and bettering their public institutions, social culture, and of influencing the marketplace by making them all more humane.