Democracy is not result-driven system. It is a process-driven system created throughout human history as a way to include everyone in a public decision within a community. Unlike business, in democracy, it is the quality of the process what matters and counts the most, not its results, at least not for the civil society shore where human and citizens’ interests reside. Results, on the contrary, drive those actors who seek to conquer political power over the country or influence their decisions through corporate lobbyists.

The quality and impact of democracy depends on the quantity and diversity of participation; the effective delivery of public services to the people, and the intrinsic capacity of those public services to be equitable and universal, reaching out equally to all and every member of the community. The truthfulness, completeness, and timely provision of the information provided in the exchange between the public authority that administers, and the person whose life is publicly administered, is also fundamental to human and civil empowerment in subjective rights, and the effective use of opportunities of participation in the public affairs that shape the common good.

The challenge to tackle is to empower individuals as legally protected human beings and as citizens of a country in their right to have rights. Of equal importance is the commitment of individuals in making the public administration of the local or national government subject and compliant to the rule of law. By doing so citizens’ lives and collective coexistence will be increasingly framed under a rights-based Rule of law, and not only under a Rule of law that constantly puts a legal burden on them.

A human rights-based rule of law is crucial in times of rapid globalization through the forces of the economy and giant corporate actors. A globalization that, as promising as it can be for human progress and competition, is unleashed from an integrated and consolidated rule of law, given the fact that legislation is national, and corporate persons or entities operate in a ramified way of multi-national of action.